YouTube adds songwriter, publisher, label credits

YouTube Music

YouTube is, as previously reported, testing its long-awaited new music streaming platform, which is codenamed Remix and should have content in place from the three music majors, Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music, and various indies.

Ever heard a new song you love featured in a YouTube video, but had no idea what it's called? According to Google, the feature is created to help users identify songs in videos that they have stumbled upon and instantly liked. The music is identified automatically by the technology behind YouTube's ContentID. User generated videos featuring live music did not offer the new feature, even though some sampled had nearly certainly been identified by the publishers or label.

It's a good addition to the YouTube platform, especially considering it will help provide proper credit to artists and songwriters involved in songs.

"YouTube is committed to providing recognition to all of the people who contribute to the creative process, and this is just the beginning", YouTube said in a blog post. Spotify and YouTube mostly limit this feature to songwriters and producers (as opposed to TIDAL, who began listing full credits in December); it remains to be seen whether they will expand this feature further in the future. On certain songs, details such as artist, songwriter, publisher and label information will appear. "What YouTube has done by making credits a priority to its platform, will allow a better music experience for all".

Martin Bandier, Chairman and CEO of Sony/ATV, the world's largest music-publishing company, said, "Songwriters are essential to the success of the music industry, but too often their critical role gets overlooked".

"Unlike with CDs, and LPs before that, songwriters are not generally credited for their work on digital services and platforms", said Ashcroft. There's evidence that YouTube viewers are willing to investigate who makes the music featured in their favourite creators' videos though.



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