Yanny or Laurel: Which one do you hear?

Laurel or Yanny? This audio clip is driving the internet crazy

Twitter user Cloe Feldman first posted the clip online Monday night.

Whether or not our ear canals or our brains are to blame, it's clear that, with one word, a bot has once again flamed internet users' tribal instincts.

Some Twitter users have said they hear "Yanny" and some say they hear "Laurel".

"My wife heard yanny".

The recording of a bot that sounds clearly to be saying "Yanny" for some, and "Laurel" for others, surfaced on Reddit Sunday. "What's the science behind that?"

Sports writer Ted Berg wrote "there's no way anyone could hear that as Yanny", and "anyone who says they do is lying for shock value". Plz send help and also tell us what you hear in the comments down below.

I'm assuming they combined the high frequencies of "Yanny" with the lower frequencies of "Laurel" (with some overlap), and the two words are phonetically similar enough for this to work. Back in February 2016, the phenomenon that is simply known as 'The Dress' happened and changed our lives forever. Some people saw a gold and white striped dress in a now viral photo, while others saw the colors blue and black.



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