Why Roman Reigns is unaffected by negative reactions from WWE fans

Shaul Guerrero WWE

Angle says the Mahal won't be coming out.

Owens lost to Braun Strowman last week to miss an opportunity to make it top the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Thus, unless the champion or other superstar prevents it, Kevin Owens will fight Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental title on Monday Night Raw. But Owens countered quickly to come up with a Spike DDT and hit his opponent with a Fisherman Suplex.

Bobby Roode claimed a spot in the men's ladder match by defeating Baron Corbin and No Way Jose, pinning the latter with a Glorious DDT.

- Alexa Bliss defeated Bayley and Mickie James to qualify for Money In the Bank. Bayley had Bliss pinned with the Bayley-to-belly, but James broke the pinfall. Mahal says he can not compete tonight and Angle says the match is still on tonight, Mahal says he will still qualify for Money In The Bank tonight. No longer the Miztourage and now calling themselves the B-Team, Dallas and Axel managed to defeat Breezango in the ring and start a journey towards eventually facing Bray Wyatt and Woken Matt Hardy for their tag team gold.

Divide and conquer may have been the game plan for the Riott Squad, but after Sasha Banks managed to escape some gruelling punishment and help turn the tides on this gang, the end was near. Owens, inside the ring, then delivered a top-rope Frog Splash to Elias for the three count. This allowed Natalya to lock in the Sharpshooter on Morgan to pick up the win via submission.

Braun Strowman and Finn Balor teamed up in the third tag team contest on WWE Raw against Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

In another tag team match on Raw, the champions Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt defeated The Revival easily by hitting their modified Twist of Fate version.

- Bobby Lashley was the star of an interview conducted by Renee Young last week where the former ECW champion spoke of his family and his childhood. Sami reveals that he is bringing Lashley's sister to next week's RAW to expose him. So far, it is known that there will be at least two MITB ladder matches (men and women) with eight superstars in each - four from Monday Night Raw and four from SmackDown Live. Jinder Mahal, who was originally scheduled to be a part of this match was unable to compete as a result of Reigns' attack and Owens replaced him as per an announcement by Stephanie McMahon.

The match begins with Owens kicking Rollins in the midsection before landing a plethora of strikes and stomps, Owens traps Rollins in the corner while landing some more strikes. Rollins catches Owens with a falcon arrow on the ring apron, the competitors get back in the ring and a striking exchange breaks out.



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