Trump Comments On World Cup Bid Support Again

FIFA headquarters in Switzerland./Ph. DR

A World Cup style eight-team tournament has been proposed by FIFA President Gianni Infantino as part of a radical overhaul of the football calendar, it has been revealed.

The ambitious, expanded nations league would be held every two years in between World Cups.

The tournament, known as the "Final 8", would be the climax of a proposed global Nations League competition, part of an ambitious plan to reform worldwide football which FIFA believes could be worth $25 billion in a 12-year cycle.

President Donald Trump has called for support from Nigeria and other countries across the world to back the United States, Canada and Mexico in a joint bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

US qualified for the FIFA World Cup first in 1930 and reached the semifinal in their debut appearances, and they have appeared 11 times.

The European Leagues said it was against a revamped FIFA Club World Cup and a new Nations League tournament in the first open sign of real opposition to Infantino's plans, which he says are backed by an, as yet unnamed, worldwide consortium of investors.

Trump's comments however risk incurring the wrath of FIFA, which has strict guidelines forbidding government intervention in football matters.

In both cases, the competitions involve all the national teams in their respective regions who are divided into divisions based on their rankings.

Fifa's global format would begin with regional qualifying groups featuring promotion and relegation, which would then lead to intercontinental finals brackets in seven divisions.

Infantino suggested that similar intercontinental mini-tournaments to the Final 8 could also be organized for the top teams in the lower divisions.

Federation Internationale de Football Association released little detail about the meeting but confirmed a working group would be established to "analyse further the relevance and feasibility of staging both competitions".

Infantino's letter said that all revenue from the competition would be redistributed. "Russia is absolutely ready to host, to celebrate the summer of festivities here in this handsome country".



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