The NES and SNES Mini are coming back, pre-orders now open

The NES Classic Edition is a miniature video

Nintendo has already released the SNES Mini, but the company will now re-release the NES Classic Mini before the end of the year.

Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic Edition on June 29, giving players another chance at buying the massively popular retro console.

The NES Classic was a popular holiday item when it launched in 2016.

Nintendo eventually discontinued the hard-to-find NES Classic in April 2017.

Nintendo's follow-up console to the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System, returns in a new petite form as the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Now, it just remains to be seen if Nintendo can ramp up the production of both the NES Classic and SNES Classic mini-consoles to keep up with the demand for them. Apparently, they've changed their mind and announced that the mini console will be available once again on June 29 via the official Twitter account.

The online access to classic NES games provided by a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and the availability of the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition are not the same as the Virtual Console though.

With the popularity of these two systems, there are many speculations that Nintendo may release other systems like the Nintendo 64.

It will still have the same full-sized NES Classic controller provided out of the box, along with 30 pre-installed games including three versions of "Super Mario Bros.", "Donkey Kong", "The Legend of Zelda", and more. Later that year, the company rolled out a similar miniature console, this time featuring the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.



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