The funeral of Stephen Hawking invited time travelers

Time travellers welcome to Stephen Hawking's memorial service

To pay tribute to the legendary theoretical physicist, scientists are now conducting an experiment on time travel where they are inviting time travellers from the future to attend the June memorial service for Stephen Hawking which will also feature almost thousand people from the present world. Talking to the press at the Seattle Science Festival in 2012, Hawking said: "I gave a party for time-travellers but I didn't send out the invitations until after the party".

The renowned theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author died aged 76, on 14 March and his funeral took place at Great St Mary's Church, Cambridge.

London travel blogger IanVisits was among those who noticed the quirk that allows people born more than 20 years into the future to apply.

At least 1,000 people plus time travelers from the future have a chance to attend Stephen Hawking's memorial service.

The online entry form for Hawking's memorial allows people with birth dates up to December 31, 2038 to attend.

The physicist could have an answer next month - as his family have invited time travellers to turn up to his memorial service.

While it is unclear if the choice of years is deliberate, a spokesman for the Stephen Hawking Foundation said time travel had not yet been proven impossible.

The representative also indicated that, so far, about 12,000 applications have been received "from around the world", and jokingly stressed that they are "from around the world" since people "who believe that the Earth is flat" will not come.

Sarah Bridle, a professor of Astrophysics at the University of Manchester, told BBC Radio that Hawking had remained curious about the potential for time travel, even after his party in 2009. 'He said he combined his two favourite things - experiments and champagne - to put on this party'. "I sat there a long time but no one came". Arguably the most famous scientist in recent times, Hawkings was well known for his research on black holes which further helped scientists all around the globe to unravel secrets of the universe.



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