"Ten Children Rescued from Horrible Living Conditions" from Fairfield, CA Police Department

Daily Republic Ina Rogers center appears in Solano County Superior Court in Fairfield Calif. Wednesday

Prosecutors allege in court documents filed Wednesday that the 10 children rescued from a Northern California home were punched, kicked, strangled, shot with a BB gun and subjected to waterboarding by their father and their mother did nothing to stop it.

Ten children found living in squalid conditions in a California home were waterboarded, shot at with crossbows and had scalding water poured over them by their mother and her partner, authorities said Wednesday. When they brought they child home, officers searched the residence "due to concerns for the safety and health of the child and the child's siblings".

Nine more children, ranging in age from 4 months to 11 years old, were found inside and the missing boy was located soon after asleep under a nearby bush. She pleaded not guilty on Wednesday and her bail was set at $495,000.

Meanwhile, Ina Rogers, 30, and Allen have denied abusing their children.

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Deputy District Attorney Veronica Juarez wrote in a report that Rogers assisted in the abuse of the children by her husband, Jonathan Allen.

Solano County's Child Welfare Services department officials did not immediately provide information on details about the visit or other interactions they may have had with members of the household.

Rogers was arrested and initially charged with one count of misdemeanor child abuse. Human and animal feces, urine, garbage and rotten food littered the floor, while heaps of debris blocked off certain areas of the house, the police statement said. She provided photos of a room where she said he worshiped the devil. He had been angry because Allen and Rogers had tried to take away his tablet computer, Rogers said, according to the AP. He is being held at the Solana County Jail in lieu of $5.2 million bail.

She first got pregnant when she was 16, she said, and had been with Rogers for the last 10 years, and they both wanted a large family.

Rogers, 31, dissuaded the children from reporting their injuries, including broken arms, to protect Allen, Ms Juarez wrote.

The alleged abuse was done with "sadistic objective", Henry said during a news conference.

The ongoing abuse, said to be committed against nine of the youths, dates back to 2014, Henry said. Father Jonathan Allen, 29, has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of torture and felony child abuse.

In an interview from prison, Allen called himself the "Indiana Jones of spirituality" and said he believed his children had been brainwashed. She was released on bail in early April. "When the children were taken into protective custody and to live with relatives, the children started to disclose vicious and callous acts that were committed against them", said Solano County Chief Deputy DA Sharon Henry. Rogers is now caring for several of the children while the others are with relatives, the network reported. "Our whole goal in this is to just make sure that the children are in a safe place and that they have the resources to help them".

She said: "There's no broken bones, there is no major scars, nothing. She has other motives and has conjured up these ideas of torture", Rogers said. "My husband has a lot of tattoos, he looks like a scary individual, and that's why people are so quick to judge him".

She now faces nine counts of felony child abuse.

Peggy Allen, the mother of Jonathan Allen, said she had talked to Rogers about the importance of keeping a clean house.

Solano County court records show that Allen was charged with four felonies in 2011, including corporal injury, assault with a firearm and criminal threats in a case involving his wife, identified by her initials, I.R.



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