Suns win NBA Draft Lottery, hold No. 1 pick

NBA draft lottery: Reaction around the league, and what's next

The worst team has the most, the best of the 14 teams has the least.

Gertz, who is best known for her roles in TV shows such as "Square Pegs" and "Seinfeld" and films including "The Lost Boys" and "Less Than Zero", was there representing the Atlanta Hawks.

They're just holding the most important ones. From here, I provide a scope of where they currently are now and which prospect can elevate their team towards a brighter horizon ahead. (Fr. forward 6-10, 215), Trae Young (Fr. guard 6-2, 180) and Kevin Knox ( Fr. forward 6-9, 215).

New Phoenix Suns head coach Igor Kokoskov coached Luka Doncic on the Slovenian national team at EuroBasket previous year and believes Doncic would be a good addition to the Suns, though that doesn't mean he'll be the selection at No. 1 overall.

Will they go ahead and select a big man first overall even though it's getting harder and harder for those players to succeed in the league today, or do they pick the young guard even if his ceiling is considerably lower?

Of course there's the argument of drafting Doncic and then going out to sign a center at the max, but I really think that money could be used elsewhere - like extending Devin Booker. It is the first time in the modern lottery era that the kings have held a top three pick. Instead, LA will be able to offer a team both lottery picks - and a player or two - for an established star. His mid-range touch 5-10 feet from the basket is promising, but the jury is still out on how long can it blossom into a lethal weapon in is offensive repertoire.

Why him: "At 19 years old, Luka Doncic is already one of the best players in Europe". The Sacramento Kings obtained the second selection.

But, overall, the Kings can't go wrong here.

As of now, Mo Bamba and Michael Porter Jr., who comes with a health risk, sit as the most realistic possibilities of players who could be available for the Bulls.

"We don't have a position in mind that we're looking to improve on", Finely said. If Ayton happens to fall to them at three, a young duo inside with the athletic Collins would grow into an eventual force in the Eastern Conference.

And Duke's Marvin Bagley is tipped to go early this year too despite the 6ft 11in forward's stock falling slightly in recent months.

Philadelphia selected Markelle Fultz first overall but the point guard has struggled with fitness issues amid concerns over his shooting mechanics. They can hope for a similar outcome here by taking Williams with their second pick in a row.

The Grizzlies can feel slightly aggrieved by falling outside the top three having come into the lottery with the second-best odds of winning.

The Kings were bad, but not as much as they were inexperienced. "Pass-first player, always the ability to score and make the big shots, but he's a playmaker". Jackson finished the season very well, averaging 21 points per game in his final 12 regular season games.

Bridges came back to Michigan State and disappointed a bit as a sophomore, but his versatility makes him an interesting fit in Charlotte on a team seeking a new identity with a new coach. There's a slight chance Dallas overpays for a center in free agency and they might actually strike gold when they do so.



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