Stunning OnePlus 6 wallpapers look awesome on iPhone X

OnePlus 6 Seen Passing Bend Burn and Scratch Tests Following Its Debut

The JerryRigEverything YouTube Channel has put the OnePlus 6 through its series of durability tests.

The OnePlus 6 is the Chinese company's prettiest smartphone yet, and it ships with a bunch of gorgeous wallpapers that look awesome on any home screen. These come in the form of scratch, burn, and bend tests.

The notched screen of the OnePlus 6 is shielded by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. This happens to be the same score as the one that the OnePlus 5T achieved.

In his video, Zack starts off by doing a scratch test and uses the Mohs scale (a test of hardness) to examine how susceptible the screen is to scratches.

These include Qualcomm's top-of-the-range Snapdragon 845 microprocessor, which the company claims will offer a 30 per cent performance boost compared to the OnePlus 5T, which was only released six months ago. The OnePlus 6's metal, painted frame, which helps it survive falls, doesn't fare as well in the scratch test.

"The brief I got from OnePlus expressed the need for a more clean, yet artistic OnePlus approach".

The product also has a vertical double chamber, which is placed in the center of the rear panel.

Zack then attempts to scratch the earpiece, the camera glass and the fingerprint scanner with a razor blade and neither of the three could be scratched.

More than 1,500 fans and media attended the global launch of the OnePlus 6 at the Copper Box Arena in London. The YouTuber found some flex, though the build didn't result in any cracks or kinks even with an impressive amount of force being pushed to bend the handset. Nelson believes this is partly due to the plastic lining between the glass and the metal frame. Any concerns about the glass back leading to a less durable flagship have been done away with in the video.



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