Stardew Valley Arrives on PS Vita in May

Stardew Valley PS Vita release date confirmed

The system never quite took off in terms of sales, but all the same, it's enjoyed a devoted following - and in more recent years, the Vita's become a home to all kinds of great indie games and Japanese RPGs.

PS Vita had some fantastic titles, if you still have one around do checkout Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Danganronpa 1&2, Hotline Miami, Persona 4 Golden, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Final Fantasy X/X-2, Killzone Mercenary, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and many more. Now it seems that the company has cut the cord, with producing concluding by the end of the fiscal year 2018.

Sony plans to end the production of Vita game cards by the end of the fiscal year 2018 in Europe and North America. That being said, the end of the 2018 fiscal year is March 31, 2019.

A PS Vita version has been in the works for sometime, and its release date was finally confirmed today in a blog post from Stardew Valley designer, Eric Barone.

Stardew Valley PS Vita release date confirmed

Sony set a deadline of June 28, 2018 for all product code requests, with a February 15, 2019 cutoff for final purchase orders.

This means that developers are more than welcome to keep developing games for the platform, just that they probably shouldn't expect to see a physical release of their games anymore.

The dying portable originally launched back in 2012. Despite its impressive specs back in the day, the console lost ground due to mobile titles, tablet gaming, and other competitors in the handheld gaming market.

Good things come to those who wait: Stardew Valley launches on the PlayStation Vita May 22, according to developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone.



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