Star Wars: Lucasfilm Says Lando Spinoff Is Next

Solo A Star Wars Story

As we rapidly approach Solo: A Star Wars Story, fans are wondering what's next for the franchise. "Unless I'm packing guns I don't know about, then let's change that". Nearly as big a let-down is Donald Glover, replacing Billy Dee Williams as the suave gambler Lando Calrissian; it's an amusing but superficial performance, made up mostly of wardrobe. This is a Han Solo who wants to be loved even of he doesn't want to be liked, and when he puts his arm around the immortal Chewie it's tough not to go "aww". This latest movie introduces us to the backstory of one of our favorite characters - Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich ; Beautiful Creatures). There's no arguing that the actors are a likable crew, even if Harrelson, Glover and Bettany are the only three who don't play it safe. Solo's set-up follows that formula, but without the universe-altering mythology of the ancient battle between Jedi and Sith. The Han here isn't the Han we met in A New Hope.

It's nowhere near as much of a blast as the last stand-alone film, 2016's wildly enjoyable Rogue One. But "Solo", sadly, should be frozen forever in carbonite. Eventually their association with Vos leads Solo to discover an oppressed desert community, Howard's film picking up the thread of belabored wokeness that marked The Last Jedi's most frantic fumbles in the name of political urgency.

Of the new characters, the one who truly shines brightest - and damn near steals the show - is the fiercely independent droid L3-37 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), whose acerbic personality and cutting wit is even sharper than Rogue One's K2SO.

Somehow, Solo is able to pack in several surprises. Yet, the most important answer given in the film is how Han Solo did the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs - a thrilling sequence that functions as the movie's centerpiece. Not everything is as it seems, and stuff you might have thought happened one way actually happens a different way.

Qi'ra is now with the natty but menacing Dryden, a man with pronounced stretch-scars on his face - later on, she protests to her one-time beau that she isn't with him, she "owes" him - but Han obviously isn't the sort of guy who is going to give up on her. How did Han Solo meet Chewbacca? He is in love with handsome Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke) and they plan to bribe officials with a stolen phial of ultra-valuable fuel crystal Coaxium to get smuggled out. The movie's first half is excessively dark - both in terms of its actual dreary look and the story, as the young Han (Alden Ehrenreich) escapes an impoverished upbringing on his native Corellia and takes off to pursue his dreams of becoming a pilot.

Solo: A Stars Wars Story will be released in United Kingdom cinemas on May 25.

The beauty portrays interstellar criminal Val in director Ron Howard's new Han Solo spin-off, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and she donned a stellar couture Vivienne Westwood dress to attend the screening on the French Riviera. Hans Solo movie reviews were released this week and had a dominant good rating so far.

For all the ways Solo could have gone wrong, it wisely aimed for a solid double rather than a grand slam on the first pitch. Ehrenreich is a gifted actor and possesses a rakishly appealing persona, but the character's inner darkness is only hinted at, as the story line of "Solo" progresses, and the betrayals and heartbreaks he endures come into focus. The gambling dens, watering holes and windswept outposts in this movie speak to Solo's roots as a classic Western character.



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