Sherpa Kami Rita Sets Record with 22nd Successful Climb of Mount Everest

Kami Rita has climbed the summit of the world's highest peak more than anyone else

Sherpa, a resident of Thame village in Solukhumbu district of Nepal where Qomolangma is located, has already climbed the world's tallest peak 21 times successfully. The 44-year-old extended her own record for the most climbs by a woman.

Mr Kami Rita Sherpa, a professional guide, and Ms Lhakpa Sherpa, who works in a supermarket in CT, reached the summit from opposite sides of the 8,848m mountain.

Of those who reached the top of the mountain this season, it's worth mentioning Kami Rita Sherpa who has summited for a record 22 time.

Ang Kami Sherpa's 22nd ascent to the summit created a new record for the most visits to the peak of Everest, Reuters reported.

Kami Rita apparently hopes to reach 25 times before retiring.

Mountaineering runs in his family.

The first summit wave happened Monday when some 50 mountaineers and Sherpa guides scaled it. His brother has scaled Everest 17 times. He has climbed most of the peaks above 8,000 metres which included K2, Cho-oyu, Lhoste and Annapurna.

Past year seven people lost their lives on the world's highest peak, while 449 summited from the Nepal side and at least another 120 made it to the top from the north side in Tibet.

Apa, a 58-year-old guide who uses only one name, retired in 2011 and moved to Utah.

Rajeev Shrestha of the Seven Summit Adventure agency in Kathmandu said he received a message from the base camp about the successful climb.

This year, her climb was sponsored by the outfitter Black Diamond, who provided gear and monetary support. She now lives in the USA and works at a departmental store.

"This has paved the way for other climbers to reach the summit as well".

Before leaving for Lukla, the gateway to Mt. Everest, late last month, the father-of-two told reporters in Kathmandu that he had no plans to stop climbing the mountain.

She joined her first Everest expedition in 2000.

He was taken to a hospital for a checkup but appeared to be in good condition.

While many Everest climbers train for months for the arduous journey, Sherpa credits the physical demands of her job and the fact that she was raised up above 13,000 feet for her ability to climb "off the couch".



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