Shenmue 3 Delayed into 2019, Unsurprisingly

Shenmue 3 Delayed Again, Now Slated For 2019 Release

So any extra time that can be used to deliver the best quality game is a positive, in my eyes.

However, nearly a year later to the date, Ys Net and publisher Deep Silver are back at it again, announcing another delay of Shenmue 3.

If you were expecting to return to the world of Yu Suzuki's Shenmue this year, you'll still be able to do so - but it'll be in Sega's Shenmue HD Collection and not so much the latest chapter in the series.

The development cycle for Shenmue 3 has been slow going, with the game originally set to launch at the end 2017. Instead it'll focus on a 2019 release to give Suzuki and his team the extra time to make sure it's up to fans' standards.

This is a bit of a setback considering that the game has been in and out of development over the last decade.

Furthermore, we've seen so little of the game in the three years since its announcement that it would have been absolutely stunning to have expected its release this year.

"Deep Silver today announce that their upcoming release Shenmue III has been moved and will now release in 2019".

It looks like the wait for Shenmue 3 will be that much longer... yet again. Creator Yu Suzuki also apologized for the delay, promising "to use this time to improve the quality of Shenmue 3". The game is now being developed by Ys Net, an independent development studio founded by franchise creator Yu Suzuki.

We'll keep you informed when a formal Shenmue III release date is announced.



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