Riz Ahmed to co-write the screenplay for Ms Marvel

Ms. Marvel – AKA Kamala Khan and Marvel’s first Muslim superhero

She made her first appearance in Captain Marvel in August 2013, before starring in the solo series Ms. Marvel in February 2014.

Which then got current Ms. Marvel comics writer and Kamala Khan co-creator G. Willow Wilson excited.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Riz Ahmed has volunteered his services to Marvel Studios to write a proposed Ms. Marvel film - and he's invited actors/writers Kumail Nanjiani and Mindy Kaling to join him in his bid to take on the project.

While Kaling seemed up to the task, replying to Ahmed that she's "obsessed with this comic book", other Twitter users weren't so sure that it'd be fitting.

In a BBC interview, Marvel president Kevin Feige revealed that after 2019's Captain Marvel, the studio will be planning a Ms Marvel film.

Obviously Ms. Marvel's introduction to the MCU still lies somewhere in the future, and possibly the somewhat distant future at that. In the comic books, Ms Marvel's refers to her alter-ego Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager from New Jersey.

Ahmed tweeted that he thinks himself, Kaling, and Kumail Nanjiani would make a good team for the script.

Feige also mentioned that the studio is now filming Captain Marvel with Brie Larson in the lead.

Marvel is now in the midst of shooting Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson and will move onto introducing the teenage-superhero. "We have plans for that once we introduce Captain Marvel".

Ahmed's suggestion stems from the fact that he is British-Pakistani, while Kaling has an Indian heritage and Nanjiani is Pakistani-American.



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