RIA Novosti Ukraine chief suspected of high treason - SBU

Sergei Savostianov  TASS

Ukraine's actions against RIA Novosti-Ukraine and Vyshynsky come amid tensions between Kiev and Moscow over Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea and its support of an armed separatist movement in eastern Ukraine that has claimed over 10,300 lives, according to the United Nations.

"Yes, the searches are conducted", Gitlyanskaya wrote on Facebook page.

Up to 15 journalists work for RIA Novosti in Ukraine.

The recent developments in the Ukrainian capital have been widely criticized by Moscow.

According to Zakharova, in recent weeks Ukraine has taken a number of steps targeting Russian reporters working in the country citing recent deportations and publication of private information of the reporters "on the notorious online resource Mirotvorets".

Zakharova also criticized the Western states and worldwide organizations for not paying enough attention to crackdown on the press in Ukraine. "We will continue to demand an appropriate assessment of such developments by the concerned worldwide agencies", the diplomat said. "We will address worldwide structures, including those related to journalism, in the OSCE, in order to stop the persecution of journalists in Ukraine", Kiselev stressed. "We also call on Ukrainian authorities to stop harassing and obstructing Russian media operating in Ukraine". We, for our part, will continue to raise the issue at all the global parliamentary organizations. Russian Federation immediately condemned the searches and detention of Vyshynsky. The lawmaker said the recent steps taken by Kiev had violated worldwide law.

Later, it became known that Vyshinsky was detained and indicted on charges of high treason. The news agency's website is not being updated. She further noted that RIA Novosti Ukraine was not legally linked to Rossiya Segodnya, but was its media partner.

Ukraine's state security agency has raided the offices of a Russian state-owned media outlet in Kyiv.

He recalled that "under the Helsinki Final Act, the OSCE participating States have committed to facilitating the conditions under which journalists from one participating State exercise their profession in another participating State". "This applies to the accreditation of journalists and correspondents of foreign media", he added.



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