'PUBG Mobile' Gets Miramar, Local Quick Teams, and More

PUBG Mobile announces the new 0.5.0 Miramar Update

Interestingly, the mobile version of PUBG has nabbed the Miramar map before the Xbox One version of the every-man-for-himself-shooter, while PC users have been duking it out on the map for a while now. It seems that the new map does not support PUBG Mobile's Arcade mode, though that could change in a future update.

The new update for PUBG Mobile also addresses some lingering issues with the game.

If you haven't jumped back into PUBG Mobile in a while, this seems like the flawless time to jump back in.

PUBG Mobile has seen consistent support from Tencent since its global launch, and its latest update is one of its biggest yet.

Thanks to Twitch's new stream filters, you're now able to filter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds streams based on surviving players. By completing these weekly missions, players can expect to unlock shiny rewards.

The update does not include a first-person perspective or the ability to choose your region and flag.

PUBG Mobile announces the new 0.5.0 Miramar Update

Alongside the new maps, the update has also signalled the start of season two, progress missions, secret stash, local quick teams and a new region system.

Finally, there's also a code you can enter so you can easily play with people in the same room, which might make team play with friends easier - along with new Synergy and Connections to encourage in-game interaction with friends. You'll find tons of new clothing, special clothing or items to buy for your character, and other add-ons. - Initial parachute speed increased to match the PC version.

Additionally, there's a "secret stash" in the new shop that's full of discounted items that will change on occasion.

PUBG Mobile is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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