Post-apocalyptic sequel Metro Exodus delayed until 2019

Metro Exodus delayed until next spring STALKER 2 due 2021

The report states that THQ Nordic is "looking forward to Deep Silver's next key release, Metro Exodus, now expected in Q1 2019".

Metro Exodus has been delayed into 2019, while the release dates for both Biomutant and Darksiders 3 have yet to be determined.

That's according to an earnings call by publishers THQ Nordic, who stated that the shooter is now anticipated to release in the early months of 2019.

Speaking with Game Informer (via PC Gamer), creative director Andiry Prokhorov and executive producer Jon Bloch revealed that individual levels in Exodus will be larger than anything seen in the previous games.

The rest of the announcement reports some pretty bullish results for THQ Nordic, including an increase in net sales of 673%.

Announced back at last year's E3 as part of Microsoft's press conference, the game sees Artyom and a band of survivors leaving Moscow and heading out into the Russian wilderness.

Metro Exodus will make some substantial changes from its predecessors, including more side quests, the removal of the military ammunition economy system, a more open world, and a decreased focus on the titular underground metro. It gives players more breadth to move around the world above the Metro, which takes a lot more design scrutiny and testing. Metro is a series that deserves more love than it usually gets, so I hope Exodus knocks it out of the red square. Neither title has a release date year, making it unlikely that either will launch before the end of the year.



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