Peter Navarro and Steven Mnuchin feuded at Beijing trade talks

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Navarro was brought on to the Trump campaign in 2016 after Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, came across the economist's book, "Death By China", during an Amazon search.

The White House said Wednesday that top trade adviser Peter Navarro, a staunch anti-China member of President Donald Trump's economic team, will take part in Thursday's meeting between Trump administration officials and Vice Premier Liu He, China's top economic official.

The U.S. congressmen said that formal talks with the administration were due to begin on Thursday.

Mnuchin and other senior administration officials have been in direct discussions with the Chinese.

Liu, who is China's top economic official, told US lawmakers on Wednesday that he will work hard to address the US-China trade imbalance and other problems with the trading relationship. China has counterpunched by targeting $50 billion in US products.

Navarro's strong anti-China views and skepticism of free trade helped to build Trump's early economic agenda.

Spokesman Gao Feng also told reporters that China hopes the US will take "concrete action" to resolve a case involving Chinese tech company ZTE, which Washington hit with a crippling ban on buying from USA suppliers after it violated US sanctions.

The company faced collapse as a result and Mr Trump said on Sunday he and Chinese President Xi Jinping were exploring ways to get the company "back into business fast", and ordered the Commerce Department to take action.

But Trump's tweet on Wednesday seemed to indicate there would be relief for ZTE only if China and the United States reach a larger trade deal.

In addition to its request on the trade deficit, the USA asked Beijing to stop subsidies for high-tech sectors such as robotics and aerospace that are targeted for development in the "Made in China 2025" plan and to promise not to retaliate against US farm goods for any tariffs that the United States might impose. The administration has been adamant that they need to see "concrete" actions from the Chinese if they hope to avoid potential new US tariffs on Chinese imports that would address China's unfair trade practices and stealing of intellectual property.

Uncertainty over relations between the USA and China has roiled financial markets and raised concerns among businesses anxious about a trade war.

Trump has threatened to expand the list of targeted Chinese goods to $150 billion - which potentially could cover everything the United States imports from China, since those imports totaled $130 billion a year ago. But another senior White House official said that while the three men won't be part of the official delegation, they will participate in the negotiations. However, the administration has not publicly stated a time frame for when it will make its final decision.

In his meeting with Kissinger, Liu congratulated the veteran diplomat on his upcoming 95th birthday, and hailed his long-time commitment to China-U.S. friendship. Additionally, lawmakers took the Chinese to task for alleged transfers of United States intellectual property to Chinese firms.

Kissinger said the handling of the U.S.

However, Mr Ross has said twice in the past week that the two sides had exchanged detailed lists of demands. "It was really the beginning of what I think is going to be a lengthy process", he said.



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