People ordered to shelter immediately after huge explosion at Kilauea volcano

A new eruption has rocked mount Kilauea Hawaii

MORE: Hawaii volcano prompts "ring of fire" fears for West CoastCommunities a mile or two away may be showered by pea-size fragments or dusted with nontoxic ash, they said. Geologists have been warning about such an explosion for days, and have said previous thick emissions from the crater were likely due to rockfalls or gas explosions.

This increases the risk of highly explosive steam-powered eruptions as the magma meets underground water. Although nearby areas have been evacuated and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where the crater sits, has been closed since May 11, officials don't expect the explosion to be deadly as long as people avoid the area.

Update: 6:20 a.m.

The Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii erupted again early Thursday morning, causing a large ash plume in the sky above the summit, according to the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

The wind could carry the ash plume as far as Hilo, the Big Island's largest city and major tourism centre, the County of Hawaii Civil Defense warned in an alert.

Ash emerges from the Pu'u O'o vent on the Kilauea volcano last week. She compared it to the ash from a fireplace "except smaller". "I had let my dogs out, and I immediately went out to let them back in".

On Wednesday, May 16, the volcano dispersed a toxic cloud that reached 12,000 feet up in the air, leading to the declaration of code red to warn the aviation industry against flying over the island for its possible eruption anytime soon.

At least one person who was wake heard nothing.

The United States Geographical Survey has warned that the order to shelter is in place and that evacuations must happen in the area.

Tarson said the ash plume looked different than others he's witnessed because of its sheer height.

No injuries or deaths were reported, but Hawaii Governor David Ige activated the Hawaii National Guard to provide emergency help. "Driving conditions may be risky so if you are driving pull off the road and wait until visibility improves", it wrote.

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The US Geological Survey (USGS) said that several new lava fissures had opened in the Leilani Estates subdivision of Puna District, about 19 km from the volcano.



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