Overwatch Anniversary Celebration Brings Tons Of Content On May 22nd

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 event skins

Blizzard released a new developer update for the Overwatch Anniversary on Tuesday. Seasonal items from all of the other events will also be available to be unlocked during this year's Anniversary event.

Overwatch Anniversary will bring in a host of new content, including more than 50 fresh cosmetic items and the newest Deathmatch map, Petra!

Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan was featured in the video and started by discussing the upcoming anniversary event.

"Petra is handsome", Kaplan said during Wednesday's Developer Update video. "And this is a great opportunity for us, the Overwatch team, to celebrate you all and the incredible things you've done for the game, all the awesome content you've created for the game". For example, there is a mega health pack in the very center of the map in an area that becomes increasingly unsafe as the match goes on. He also said that there will be a lot of diversity in the type of heroes that can play on the map.

Petra's release will coincide with the first free-for-all competitive Deathmatch season.

"There's parts of the map that are great for open, long-range heroes, there's parts of the map that are great for short-ranged heroes". Players logging during the event will receive a bonus Legendary loot box, guaranteeing one Legendary item.

For those who have missed any of those aforementioned Overwatch events, look for all of the seasonal brawls and missions to make their return during the Overwatch Anniversary event.

Kaplan also hints that a handsome gentleman will have a legendary skin, as demanded many times by the Overwatch community.



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