New Ways For Brands To Reach YouTube Viewers On Their TV Screens

YouTube will begin selling ads in live TV service

"According to fresh Nielsen data, more than half of 18- to 49-year-olds in the United States are either light viewers of TV or do not subscribe to TV; but over 90 percent of these people watch YouTube".

Access to the YouTube TV ad inventory via Google Preferred: Later this year, you will gain access to the inventory on some US cable networks on YouTube TV as a Google Preferred extension.

YouTube TV, which debuted in April 2017, recently began adding digital-only channels like Cheddar and The Young Turks Network to its lineup of traditional networks, which include the big four broadcasters and The CW, AMC, FX, TBS and USA. It will expand the ability to target YouTube viewers on mobile devices and desktops.

YouTube on TV: Advertisers will reach targeted audiences on TV screens through AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

YouTube is also introducing a new function that will allow brands to reach viewers who are primarily watching YouTube on their TV screen, versus a mobile phone or computer. We're now seeing an increase in viewers using social platforms like YouTube through their smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Users spend a combined total of 150 million hours per day watching YouTube on television screens, making it the fastest growing medium.

"We're amidst the second major shift in how people watch video on YouTube", Weinstein said. In order to get approved for this ad network, which pays out more than usual and has a number of perks, YouTubers have to follow strict guidelines and have such large audiences that they're essentially famous.

And despite several brand safety crises over the past several months, YouTube remains the de facto place for digital video consumption and will likely retain that title as consumer interest in the format continues to grow. So, YouTube is now introducing new ways to help brands reach these viewers across content and devices.

Under the new scheme, marketers will soon be able to make sure their ads are seen by people who have similar viewing habits to traditional TV viewers, based on Nielsen insights.

The service has managed to reach 99 of 100 top USA designated market areas since it launched in April 2017. Ads will be dynamically inserted, which means that they will be placed in front of the right and most relevant audiences. They will let advertisers target ads using demographics rather than regular ads like those of traditional TV buys. As a response, Google, like Facebook, has hired human monitors to vet specific advertising and other content.

YouTube will announce the new ad solutions at the 2018 Digital Content NewFronts this week.

YouTube TV viewers tend to stick around longer than viewers on other platforms, too, the company said.



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