My 5 Favorite Things About the New Android P Beta


Google's privacy documents already state that when an Android user turns on Google Maps, then the location data is tracked.

As much fun as I'm having with Android P and its insane gestures on my Pixel 2, I found myself most excited about the Google Assistant-related announcements at this year's I/O.

We're glad to see Google is taking display color more seriously.

Google says it is always focused on protecting user data and making its products better. This to help it earn more advertising dollars.

While staying undercover, the malicious app has a background service that constantly checks the device's network connectivity status. Google, however, is never a fan of manual options or letting less knowledgeable users be in control. Clicking on a particular story will pull up the complete details of the news that may include opinions, tweets, videos, articles, etc. So, considering there are about 10 million Australian Android users, the amount comes to between $445 million and $580 million a year, notes The Daily Telegraph.

Answers Plant Identification
Answers Plant Identification

Wear OS Phone has a feature called Quick Replies that allows you to reply to a call using SMS, much like you can now do on your Android phone.

Android P is going to be released soon, with the Pixel smartphone lineup and others running Snapdragon chipsets to experience what Google has been working on.

It's definitely a handy addition if you want to keep interactions with your smartwatch minimal and don't fancy taking calls from the wrist if you have a Wear watch packing microphones and speakers. The upcoming Android version will be available for a few Android phones only from Google, Essential, Sony, Nokia, etc.

There is a DND mode which stops all notifications altogether but this is already present in nearly all Android phones right now in the market. The update is scheduled to be rolled out to the wide public in the upcoming weeks, but eager Android fans can get their hands on it ahead of everyone else by manually sideloading the APK version of the update. The upcoming phones are likely to have a function to un-pause the feature.

To improve the Android system, Google has rolled out ML kits for users to check and give feedback on the Android P update. Let us know down in the comments!



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