Man killed when vaping pen explodes, sending pieces into his skull

Report: Exploding vape pen blamed for Florida man's death

D'Elia, who died on May 5, also suffered burns on almost 80 percent of his body, The Tampa Bay Times reported. D'Elia died from a "projectile wound of the head", after the explosion drove two pieces of the vape pen into the top of his head.

An autopsy has now determined the 38-year-old was killed when his vaping device created a "projectile wound" in his head, penetrating his skull and brain. It still remains unclear as to what prompted the pen to combust in the first place; however, shoddy manufacturing may be an option.

D'Elia's death is the first in the United States caused by a vape pen, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which keeps statistics on e-cigarettes.

Tallmadge D'Elia was found dead in his burning bed in St. Petersburg, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The man was also burned over 80 percent of his body.

Vape pens are electronic cigarettes that produce vapor that users inhale. At the time of his death, D'Elia was using a "mod" type of Smok-E Mountain Mech Works pen that was manufactured in the Philippines. But there were no recorded deaths in the study's period.

According to the Food and Drug Administration the exact causes of vape pen explosions arent yet clear; however, it could stem from battery-related issues. "While the failure rate of the lithium-ion batteries is very small, the consequences of a failure, as we have seen, can be severe and life-altering for the consumer".

"This is a bad shock", Christopher D'Elia, the man's father, told ABC Action News.

"Any other e-cig that has a computer chip in it prevents that from happening", Wilder added.

Experts say that people who use vape pens should be careful about how they maintain the batteries.

"They're pretty problem-free, I'd definitely say", he said.



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