Let's talk about Blake Lively And her "Deadpool" Premiere Outfit

Biting one-liners are a hallmark of Deadpool's return

In "Deadpool 2", we got a lot going on.

For every burst of gags that hits the target with laser-like precision, one punchline veers off course, and a protracted sequence involving the title character waiting for his body parts to regrow is a surreal narrative detour too far, even for a franchise that thrives on the ridiculous.

The only negative comment I could possibly make about the sequel is that it didn't manage to work in a pack of sexually aggressive canines or Deadpool as a hot bartender.

Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool): "We'll be known as X-Force". But one of the most memorable one-liners comes at the expense of Marvel's comic-book movie rivals, as Deadpool taunts a foe, "You're so dark". Watching "Deadpool 2" is like having Deadpool sitting next to you with a bucket of popcorn, trashing whatever is taking place on-screen - and all of pop culture, really - like an R-rated version of one of the B-movie-loving robots from "Mystery Science Theater 3000". "You did the thing I wanted to see since I was 10". We've seen superhero satire before in films like "The Mask" and "Guardians of the Galaxy", but this is different, cross-the-line material by shock jocks and provocateurs.

I believe that many Marvel movies could have been far more successful if they didn't refrain from gory scenes. In a very amusing but bloody sequence, she proves to be the sole survivor of an airborne assault by a team of hapless mutants, including characters played by - if ever so briefly - Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgard, Lewis Tan and one uncredited celebrity, making a delightful, if gruesome, cameo. The film rarely hits the brakes on its manic pace, but I didn't mind that because I was laughing fairly nonstop the whole way through just waiting for the next insane moment.

Deadpool is kind of an island unto himself in that world. There is the current bench of X-Men - Nicholas Hoult's Beast and Evan Peters' Quicksilver, among other, avoiding Deadpool at the X-Mansion - and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, kind of. The 2016 Deadpool movie proved that all audiences are looking for is to have a good laugh at the theatres and consequently, the buzz and excitement around Deadpool 2 is also very big. That's what allows him to misbehave and puts him in a position where it's palatable that he's misbehaving and firing off at the mouth as much as he is. "He's a mentor and a friend and I love him, so it was great". While he's not as much fun as he was in "Hunt", Dennison's job is to dent Deadpool's "I'm not gonna let anyone into my life for any reason" armor, and he does it very well.

If you missed it, you can also find the "With Apologies to David Beckham" promo video that was released last week below.

But Deadpool 2 is more than just a rushed sequel. And I've always loved that about him.



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