'Laurel' or 'Yanny'? People can't decide but we may have the answer

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The Tigers are just as divided over the question and can not come to an unanimous decision about what they are hearing.

"I can't figure out how one would hear yanny". It could be useful information as many people probably spent a good part of their last 24 hours either looking for your own hearing to be tested or suggesting that others do.

However, they report that age isn't the only reason that the audio may be heard differently by different people.

When he took the bass out, he says he still hears "Laurel". "However, there is a significant difference in the second and third resonances of the two words, which is how humans interpret the words", she said. Much of what you hear, she says, is about what you're expecting to hear. Amid the background noise, you're able to focus on what your dining partner is saying.

To settle this latest online debacle we consulted CBC master audio technician J.S. Villeneuve, who took the sound apart to show that it's really about the different frequencies people hear. First, listen to this noisy clip and see if you can hear a sentence.

I, however, continue to hear "Laurel". If you have hearing loss, it could affect a particular frequency, allowing you to hear only one of the two variations.

Oh, and for the record, he's "definitely team Laurel".



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