Hue Jackson will jump in the lake June 1st for charity

Hue Jackson to jump into Lake Erie on June 1 to fulfill promise

The coach will donate $100 to his foundation, which combats human trafficking across Northeast Ohio, for every Browns employee who joins him in jumping into Lake Erie. They went winless in 2017.

Following the Browns 1-15 season, Jackson had said that he would jump in the lake if they finished the 2017 season with the same record. And now Jackson says he'll make good on the spirit of his promise. "I'll be swimming in the lake over there or somewhere". We put out this front where we are - we're not going 1-15 next year.

Jackson, together with his wife, formally opened his charity a year ago, according to the team's website, and they will be opening a residence home in cooperation with the Salvation Army in about two months that will cater to survivors of human trafficking.

And for those disappointed that he waited for the lake to warm up, Jackson was prohibited by doctors from jumping into frigid waters right after the season because he's had a stent in his heart since 2014.

The twist here is that Jackson won't be making the jump alone.

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson has set a date to jump into Lake Erie, fulfilling a promise.

"I don't like it", Jackson said in late December.

It may have taken awhile or Jackson to confirm his plans to make the jump but for good reason.

Jackson and his wife, Michelle, launched the foundation last summer. To raise that kind of money, he's going to need at least 150 people to make the jump with him. They went 0-16. And so now he's going to jump in a lake.

If 150 employees do end up jumping in the lake, that's probably for the best, and that's mainly because Jackson views the stunt as a way to cleanse the organization of all its bad luck.



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