Here's How To Enable Gmail's New Native Offline Mode And Smart Compose

Google rolls out Snooze and Nudge features for Gmail

Google has been working on several new features, as it is ramping up its mail services, Gmail.

At the bottom, click Advanced.

Since the new announcements in the Google's I/O developer conference, Google has been adding those new features in the latest update of Gmail.

First, the feature only works for Gmail in the Chrome browser on desktop.

You must also select whether you want to keep that offline data stored on your computer after you've logged out of your Google account or if you want it removed each time you log out.

The previous version of Gmail on the web also featured offline capabilities through a Gmail Offline Chrome app, which users are now encouraged to uninstall.

Many of these new features were originally live-tested in Google's experimental Gmail interface, known simply as "Inbox". It's a feature sure to please business professionals traveling with a laptop, or those who are frequently on the go and without reliable internet.

Click on the gear icon below your user portrait. To delete account data from your device disable offline mail and save changes. Anything you do in Gmail while offline, such as reading mail and archiving messages, will be synced with Google servers whenever you're back online. You can find this option by opening the Chrome Settings menu, scrolling down to Advanced, and then clicking on the Clear Browsing Data menu item. Gmail is going to need some time to download all those messages.

Under "All cookies and site data", click Remove all.

In order to use Gmail offline you'll need to open a Gmail tab in Chrome while connected and leave it open while you go offline-you won't be able to access Gmail if it isn't already loaded before you disconnect from the internet. The security data allows the user to determine if you want to use the offline data from the computer or it should be deleted from there.



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