Harry Styles Produces New Sitcom Based On Living With Ben Winston

Harry Styles Is Making A TV Show Based On His Life & It's Actually Pretty Good

Harry Styles is to act as Executive Producer on a new sitcom based on his own hilarious life.

Here's a plot summary for the still-untitled comedy: Peter (Wayans) and Claire, a thirtysomething couple who are exhausted of their mundane life and start to reconnect with their younger, cooler selves when an emerging pop star, who is drawn to their super-normal suburban life, moves in.

The plotline will follow a pretty pivotal period in Harry Styles' life - it'll follow the baby-stages of One Direction's jaunt on X-Factor to their historical superstardom. He meant to stay for two weeks, but ended up there for the best part of two years.

He agreed to live with Ben and his wife Meredith for just a few weeks - but the arrangement ended up lasting for 20 months.

Last year, Ben spoke for the first time about the unorthodox living situation, telling Rolling Stone: "Those 20 months were when they went from being on a reality show, X Factor, to being the biggest-selling artists in the world". Even when we went out for a meal, it's such a sweet family neighbourhood, no one dreamed it was actually him.

Winston will also serve as an executive producer on Happy Together, which is due to premiere on CBS in the autumn. "And when he moved out, we were gutted".

'So he's going to care about the stories that we're telling.

Happy Together is the latest to join CBS' new lineup, the network adding a slew of new series to its fall schedule, including two comedies and three dramas.



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