Governor Ivey sexuality in questioned by former Alabama Legislator

Will the recent Alabama governor's scandal hurt Gov. Kay Ivey's chances of avoiding a a GOP runoff election? Some political observers in Alabama are not sure how allegations raised on Tuesday about Ivey's personal life will affect the

I am sick of closeted elected officials. Todd also alleged that Ivey's secret girlfriend was forced to move out after she became governor.

Ivey assumed the governorship previous year after her predecessor, Robert Bentley, resigned following a scandal, faces Dawson and two others in the Republican primary on June 5.

Archibald points out that Todd was responding to the governor's condemnation of an LGBT nonprofit called Free2Be that acted as a community center for LGBT people, combating violence and offering someone to talk with.

Ivey's GOP gubernatorial rival Scott Dawson cited WHNT's reporting Tuesday and criticized the governor concerning Free2Be.

"After careful deliberation, the board of directors of One Orlando Alliance unanimously chose to retract the offer of employment made to Patricia Todd to serve as executive director of the organization", Jennifer Foster, the chairwoman of One Orlando Alliance's board, said in a statement. Todd was supposed to take the job June 1.

"The Board affirms that Ms. Todd's recent comments are not aligned with the values of One Orlando Alliance", said Jennifer Foster, chair of the alliance's board of directors, which voted unanimously to withdraw its employment contract to Todd.

"This has been a challenging situation, Foster said".

The tweet put One Orlando Alliance, which was created in the days following the Pulse nightclub massacre that claimed 49 lives, in a hard position. The outspoken Todd might be remembered by LGBT Alabamans for her attempt to revise the state's archaic sex ed guidelines that include lessons on homosexuality being socially unacceptable. "We admire her many decades of exemplary service and believe that, with the right opportunity, Ms. Todd will continue to use her many talents to make significant progress advocating for justice and equality".

Todd's tweets are protected, but news outlets shared screenshots of the tweet.

Todd says she has no proof of Ivey's sexuality, but encouraged reporters to "ask her directly if she has ever had a relationship with a woman". "Because some of your folks don't exactly have the greatest family values either", Todd said. "We can do better than that lets talk about the issues let's talk about what your gonna do in office let's don't level personal attacks on people".



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