Georgia GOP Gov. Candidate Wants To Round Up Immigrants In 'Deportation Bus'

Georgia GOP Gov. Candidate Wants To Round Up Immigrants In 'Deportation Bus'

Michael Williams falls on the immigration issue.

His campaign published a video saying this tour would not "be one of those pansy political bus tours".

"We're going to implement my 287 (g) deportation plan that's going to fill this bus with illegals to send them back to where they came from", says Williams in the ad.

State Senator Michael Williams said he is taking a firm stand on immigration reform, but it's the way he is going about it that has some folks up in arms. "We're going to put them on this bus and send 'em home".

The back of the bus is emblazoned with a warning that reads "DANGER! Murderers, Rapists, Kidnappers, Child Molesters, and Other Criminals on Board".

Illegal immigration is a fierce subject in Georgia's race for governor; only Michael Williams has the record and the plan to shut down illegal immigration in Georgia.

Williams touted his role in some of the country's toughest immigration laws, including one that requires local law enforcement to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement if they have an undocumented immigrant in custody.

But Cagle takes a hard line on undocumented immigrants as well - in a statement on Cagle's campaign site the lieutenant governor says he's "led the fight to defund and outlaw sanctuary cities" and has ensured "that criminal illegal aliens could not terrorize our families".

In Georgia, Williams is also campaigning on a pro-Second Amendment, pro-medical marijuana, and anti-abortion platform.

It's gubernatorial campaign season in the state of Georgia and it's pretty clear where Republican candidate Sen. We've got the deportation bus. After serving two terms already, Deal is mandated to step down.

A recent poll conducted by the University of Georgia found that 3 percent of voters say they support him. At the moment, current Lieutenant Gov. Casey Cagle (R) is leading in both polls and fundraising, with nearly $7 million raised and 41 percent of the vote.

In his profile on Facebook - in which he describes himself as "a fearless conservative" - his campaign has put a statement explaining that his journey will start on Wednesday, May 16 and will visit "each of the most unsafe sanctuary cities of Georgia", including Clarkston, Decatur, and Athens. Michael Williams Deportation Bus Tour kicks off Wednesday, but it's already generating controversy online.



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