Five tornadoes hit Northeast during Tuesday's severe storms

Severe storms possible Tuesday evening

The US National Weather Service confirmed five tornadoes touched down on the American east coast on Wednesday, as ferocious wind, rain and hail storms hit NY and ct states.

One of the tornadoes, an EF1 packing 100mph winds touched down in Southbury and moved along a 4.5-mile path into Oxford. FYI, there is no audio in this video.

The NWS made the assessment that one EF1 tornado traveled between Beacon Falls and Hamden with 110 miles per hour winds.

Nearby Brookfield was not hit by a tornado, but did see a "macroburst" with winds around 100 miles per hour.

It could take days to fully restore power in Newburgh after a tornado slammed the city during Tuesday's powerful and deadly weather, the mayor says. About 88,500 outages remained Wednesday afternoon. More than 120,000 homes and businesses lost electricity in CT and 157,000 in NY. A "meteotsunami" or meteorological tsunami is a tsunami-like wave caused by air-pressure disturbances, such as severe thunderstorms.

Severe storms possible Tuesday evening

Residents in these towns are still working to clean up after the storm. Most meteotsunamis are too small to notice. In New York, falling trees in Newburgh claimed the lives of an 11-year-old girl in a parked auto and a woman who was driving.

CT officials said a man was killed Tuesday when a tree fell on his truck in New Fairfield, and in Danbury, a man who had taken refuge to escape the storm was killed when a tree fell on his truck.

A microburst hit New York's Westchester County, downing trees in an estimated 250-yard area. Hail was reported to be as large as tennis balls in some parts of the Hudson Valley and CT.

Residents say that this type of collaboration and resilience is a daily occurrence in Newburgh, even without severe weather. Several lightning strikes led to structure fires in New Jersey and MA. New York's Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. reported 78 mph wind gusts on Tuesday and about 1,000 lighting strikes per hour.

The first selectman of Southbury said much of the town is still without power with many roads blocked off.



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