Five-Star to brief citizens on blueprint for government with League

Italy's populist government is still a work in progress

Di Maio and League leader Salvini said they expected to wrap up negotiations on a contract between the two sides on Wednesday.

The two parties have held six days of talks aimed at putting together a coalition government and ending 10 weeks of political stalemate following an inconclusive election on March 4.

"If there's an agreement we'll get started, but first I'll ask you", he said, addressing the camera.

There was still no word on the thorny issue of who would be prime minister.

The joint document will demand the ECB forgives Italy of €250 billion Italian benchmark BTP bonds bought under the bank's so-called "quantitative easing" programme to help reduce Italy's public debt.

The leaked text also suggested the coalition was clearing the path for Italy to leave the eurozone, demanding the creation of "economic and judicial procedures that allow member states to leave monetary union".

This will now be something to watch as populism is back on the agenda for markets where the coalition has radical ideas to free up billions of euros for tax cuts and welfare.

Italy, along with Greece, has borne the brunt of the migration crisis, while other European Union countries such. The spread is a "cynical board game of high finance", he said.

The two main parties negotiating the formation of a government in Italy called on Brussels to stop interfering in the process.

In Brussels, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU would not be complete without Italy, when asked at a news conference about Italy's role in the EU and its reliability in respecting common rules.

Both groups have a history of euroskepticism. The policy program will probably be published Thursday, 5-Star said.



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