Ex-girlfriend of 49ers' Foster testifies she lied about being beaten

NFL player’s ex-girlfriend Brutal allegations were ‘lies’ for ‘money

Foster, 24, pleaded not guilty last week to three felony charges stemming from the incident: domestic violence with an allegation of great bodily injury, forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime and possession of an assault weapon.

Ennis, Foster's ex-girlfriend, was on the stand Thursday for a preliminary hearing for Foster's felony domestic violence charge related to a February 11 incident in which Ennis claimed Foster ruptured her eardrum.

"I wanted to take him down", she said during the preliminary hearing. I'll just say this: good on the Niners for not making any drastic decisions when this all came out and let the process play itself out.

"I told him I'm about to f- yo s- up, make sure you don't have a job tomorrow". "I didn't want to get this far in the news".

Ennis admitted that after making the accusations against Foster, she returned home to Louisiana with Foster's money and jewelry, according to Inman.

Ennis originally told police Foster punched her 10 times, dragged her down a flight of stairs, threw her phone, physically forced her outside and then spit on her. Ennis has since recanted and is cooperating with the defense, but the prosecution is continuing forward with the case against Foster.

"It was all a money scheme", she testified.

She also testified that this isn't the first time she's falsely accused a boyfriend of domestic violence.



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