Educators, lawmakers prepare for massive rally Wednesday

NC Teachers Prepare to March on Raleigh

King Pyrrhus' armies defeated the Romans in back-to-back battles of attrition in 280 and 279 BC. And when we had mentor pay, we had more mentors.

That anecdote lives on as modern metaphor. Merriam-Webster's defines a Pyrrhic victory as "a victory that is not worth winning because so much is lost to achieve it". The teachers have taken cues from the West Virginia, Oklahoma and Arizona strikes.

These pilgrimages give professional organizations a chance to lobby for their industries' interests. Turning an advocacy day into a protest march may have the opposite effect, driving a wedge between teachers and legislators.

A former UNCW student who is now a teacher in Stokes County, posted a picture of his paycheck last week to bring awareness to creating fair teacher pay in North Carolina.

You might think Mamboleo and Lane would be demoralized to be starting their careers at a time of such upheaval. In order to have a place at the table as bills are drafted and budgets are passed, the association must strive to present itself as a nonpartisan coalition representing educators of all political stripes.

Meanwhile, North Carolina's overall per-pupil funding-about $9,500 per student-also lags the national average of about $12,000.

Past year the North Carolina state assembly approved $2.5 million in cuts to education funding, including layoffs and the elimination of vacant positions in low-income and low-performing school districts. "I know part of my philosophy of teaching is to teach students to have a voice. and to be activists for what they want".

According to a recent report by the National Education Association, North Carolina teachers now make an average of $49,970 a year - placing them 39th in the country in terms of average teacher salary for 2017.

For the past, probably 6 to 7 years, education has seen cuts, cuts, cuts. He's working to increase the amount of N.C. Education Lottery revenue earmarked for school construction. "We needed to address the issue as it relates to supervision and safety".

He hopes the rally will encourage other people to go into teaching. Organizers aren't effectively communicating the NCAE's five-prong plan.

As Wednesday's march approaches, North Carolina Republicans have been emphasizing raises approved by state lawmakers in recent years, raises that lifted the state from near the bottom of the nation in teacher pay to 39th this year. According to Easley, teachers have been shouldering the burden of those tax cuts ever since, with school items such as "notebooks, pencils, pens as well as personal items, like clothing and food, often supplied by educators". "We're exhausted of it, but we are in it to the end".

The Rally for Respect will lead afternoon newscasts and fill newspaper pages with ink, but it's not likely to steer policy.

Can teachers and lawmakers find common ground?



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