Dozens of Cadillac Cyclist Participate In Worldwide Ride Of Silence

Image via 6ABC Action News

Statistics from the Ohio Department of Public Safety show from January 2017 to January of this year 18 bicyclists were hit and killed in accidents and 1,237 were injured.

Until then, the area had not lost a cyclist on the road for three years since 38-year-old Eddie Arguelles was fatally hit April 17, 2014, in Edinburg, according to McAllen City Commissioner Veronica Whitacre. "I mean, it's kind of like a funeral procession, I would say. Let there be no more Eddies in South Texas".

Motorists need to understand that bicycles have every right to be on the road, and bicyclists need to follow the rules as if they were driving a vehicle, she said.

"It was a tragedy what happened on Collins Road and it makes me so sad". "We want to be safe, and we would hope that people would want to treat us safely, as well".

Wednesday marks a worldwide Ride of Silence to remember bicyclists who have been killed while riding. Now there are 16 cities in OH who have events.

"My skull actually cracked like an egg", she said.

Third Avenue in Alexandria is unsafe for bicyclists to cross with some vehicles going 50 miles per hour, Capistrant said. The 8-mile silent ride through Buffalo begins in Delaware Park.

A big goal of Ride of Silence is education, "and we could all use a lot of that - on both sides", Travis said.

It was all part of the annual Ride Of Silence.

"I try to be there the way my sister would be there", he said.



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