Cent Gets Down with John Travolta 'Just a Lil Bit' in Cannes

John Travolta gives us Saturday Night Fever on a Tuesday with these epic dad moves

The Cannes Film Festival premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story was a family affair for the Travoltas! Travolta tried his best to boogie down, but disco doesn't exactly translate to hip-hop. John Travolta tore up the dance floor with 50 Cent at a Cannes Film Festival event on Tuesday, May 15.

50 said he saw the film and it's "powerful".

While it looks like Travolta's a fan of 50 Cent, he also seems to be a big fan of Pitbull as well.

The Oscar-nominated actor jumped onstage while the rapper sang his 2005 hit song, "Just a Lil Bit", at the after-party of Travolta's movie "Gotti" premiere.

Travolta, 64, who has previously showed off his dancing skills in "Grease", "Saturday Night Fever", and more recently, "Pulp Fiction", sparked an online meltdown with his "dad moves" as he boogied alongside the 42-year-old rapper while still wearing his tuxedo. "Me and John Travolta partying [laughing emoji] l swear l only came out here because of him", he wrote in the caption.

Check out a dapper 50 Cent hanging out with Hollywood bosses at Cannes below.

"The dance was just whatever I felt at the moment, it doesn't really have a name to it", the actor told USA Today after the party.



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