Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Trailers

Black Ops 4 Beta release date

The second factor that helped Fortnite become such as a huge popular game is how fun it is to play.

Now, Black Ops 4 producer Miles Leslie had some things he wants to relay regarding the new mode. Obviously, the Call of Duty franchise has a huge fan base, but competing against Fornite is going to be more hard than expected. But although the studio was able to reveal several gameplay aspects about the mode, including its inclusion of named characters and a map that is 1,500 times bigger than Nuketown, the company didn't confirm how many players Blackout would support.

In today's live game reveal, Activision announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the latest title in the franchise, will include a battle royale mode called "Blackout". Furthermore, Treyarch and Beenox worked closely with the team at Blizzard to incorporate's social systems, security, and server stability into Black Ops 4 to prepare for the release on on October 12th.

The game was launched at an event in Los Angeles last night and promised a serious revamp to the now 15-year-old CoD series, which had previously prided itself on the depth of its campaign mode.

Black Ops 4 Beta release date

Though the Black Ops 4 beta release date hasn't been confirmed, it's easy to get an estimate of when the Private Beta will come out by looking at previous Call of Duty trials. The most important highlight of this teaser is "the biggest map" that Black Ops 4 fans will be able to fight in a 100 player mode.

From the looks of it, Fornite might have a worthy rival now that Black Ops 4 is coming. Play as fan favorite characters and battle through iconic settings from the Black Ops universe. "It's a collision course bringing together the worlds of Black Ops in an all-out survival and elimination experience featuring weapons; equipment; land, sea, and air vehicles; RC-XDs; traps; and even Zombies in an experience that is uniquely Black Ops".

Meanwhile, another added: "Black ops 4 has potential to be the epitomy of gaming".



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