Australia and France plot quantum computing venture

CRS riot police officials stand next to a damaged Mc Donalds resteraunt during a demonstration on the sidelines of a march for the annual May Day workers rally in Paris

Macron spoke at Sydney's main war memorial Wednesday on his visit to Australia a week after he criticized President Donald Trump's "America first" policies on a trip to Washington and hours after a gathering in France of European anti-immigration populist leaders.

France's President Emmanuel Macron may have had le vin rouge on his mind when he thanked Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his "delicious wife" for their warm welcome on his official visit.

The president is expected to pay respects to fallen Australian soldiers in Sydney this morning before meeting the governor-general later in the day to discuss research collaborations between the Australian National University and the French space agency CNES.

Turnbull cited an oft-used quote from former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew in pushing for mutual respect among nations in Asia, saying "big fish can not eat little fish, and little fish can not eat shrimps".

President Emmanuel Macron, on a visit to Sydney, deplored the violence. France's Naval Group will build the submarines at Adelaide's Osborne shipyards.

Macron's support would be a key win for Canberra given traditional French agricultural sensitivities to competition from Australian beef imports.

"We will keep a close eye on interests in the agricultural field. but I have no doubt that we can find a mutually beneficial agreement", Mr Macron said at a joint media conference on Wednesday.

"The rules-based order in our region is what has enabled this remarkable growth in prosperity", Mr Turnbull said.

But the reality is that Mr Macron, a former investment banker, surged a year ago this week to presidential power and then to parliamentary hegemony after explicitly rejecting conventional political practice and ideology.

Macron, who told the United Nations last September that the current deal was not sufficient, said it should be broadened to address three new main areas - Iran's nuclear activity after the current deal expires in 2025; improvements in the monitoring and controlling of Iran's domestic nuclear activity, and to have better containment of Iranian activity in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

Mr Macron chose the word he wanted, but not the meaning he wanted.



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