Apple Watch saves an 18-year old girl's life in Florida

Apple Watch alerts teen to health problem

There are lots of reasons for people of all ages to wear smartwatches these days.

"These types of technologies are additive to the practice of medicine and really support the physicians in providing extra data when they're not in the healthcare setting", said Dr. Peter Chang, chief medical informatics officer at Tampa General Hospital.

About 31 percent say they use fitness trackers to keep track of their heart rate. For some, it's nothing more than a fashion statement. The latest story revolves around 18-year old Deanna Recktenwald, a Florida teen who was sitting in The Crossing Church on a recent Sunday morning in Brandon, Florida. 40 to 100 bpm rates are classified as normal by Mayo Clinic. He retreated to the bathroom where he started bleeding and shortly after his Apple Watch alerted him that his heart rate was at an alarming level and he should seek medical attention.

The identity of the Apple Watch is being carved out as a health-focused device, and stories of the smartwatch making a difference should prove that Apple is on the right track. Emergency personnel discovered he had suffered an erupted ulcer and would need a blood transfusion just to have surgery to correct it. Doctors performed the surgery and he survived.

Deanna Recktenwald was hospitalized with a genetic condition and kidney failure.

Recently it was reported that an Apple Watch played a role in saving the life of a teen where an alert of an abnormally high heart rate resulted in the teen being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. She now has permanent kidney damage and will likely require a new organ in the coming years, Stacey said, according to ABC News.

The news came just in time, however, as Deanna was preparing to go to college during the summer. "Then it spiked to 190 and the watch vibrated on her arm, alerting her to seek medical attention", Deanna's father, Tom Recktenwald, tells CBS News.

Deanna's mother wrote to Apple thanking the company for saving her daughter's life and mentioned that without the watch, they could not have identified the problem.



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