Apple (AAPL) PT Raised to $161.00

Apple (AAPL) PT Raised to $161.00

Apple now claims that its phones support fast charging to the tune of 50% in 30 minutes. but only with a lot of money spent on new accessories.

Apple's results confirmed that, while the days of double-digit smartphone industry growth are over, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has a plan to withstand the slowdown.

"Apple has now shifted nearly 50 million iPhone X units worldwide since commercial launch in November 2017", said Juha Winter, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics. The new iPhone X is the first to feature a curved OLED display, biometric technology such as the Face ID and optically stabilized dual cameras. This year the scuttlebutt from industry sources was that the iPhone X was a flop, and that Apple's status in the Chinese phone market was shaky.

According to estimations by Strategy Analytics, 5.4 million units of the Redmi 5A were sold, making it the fifth most popular smartphone model. Stuart Chaussee & Associates Inc. boosted its stake in Apple by 940.8% during the 4th quarter.

In the coming months, Apple's iPhone X selling would come down as people would be having many more choices available. Revenue climbed 16 percent to $61 billion.

The company forecasted a midpoint of US$52.5 billion in revenue for the June quarter, beating analyst expectations of US$51.6 billion.

Apple has been emphasising its contributions to the U.S. economy in recent months, outlining a US$30 billion U.S. spending plan and highlighting the tens of billions of dollars it spends each year with U.S. -based suppliers.

For now, there are only three iPhones that support fast charging, and users can only get the fast charging experience if they purchase a USB-C to lightning cable and of course a USB-C power adapter separately. Apple already has been raising its dividend and spending on buybacks every year since 2012; it's not known how much of the new increase would have happened regardless of the tax break. That would be a slight increase from the 50.8 million iPhones sold in the same quarter previous year.

The Android smartphone market was diametrically different. But the new additions will certainly push the sales on iPhone's new models. The consensus estimate among analysts is for Apple to have sold 53 million iPhones for the quarter ending in March. Samsung Galaxy S9 is on the sixth position of world's best selling smartphone which too has covered 2% of market share.

If Apple does begin to match their smartphones such memory and such a cable, it will be to forgive the deletion of the adapter kit with Lightning-to-audio Jack. "It's an area of great interest where we think we can make a big difference", he said on the call.



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