Another Police Station Attacked in Indonesia

Indonesia police shoot dead four men after attack on Riau police headquarters in Pekanbaru

Riau Police Chief Inspector General Nandan said a group of suspected militants crashed a vehicle into the gate of the headquarters around 9 a.m.

The attacks have put Indonesia on edge as the world's biggest Muslim majority country starts the holy fasting month of Ramadan from Thursday.

Tourists and Visitors should think twice before traveling to Indonesia, especially Bali as a wave of terror attacks have swept the country.

This was the second attack on a police premise in the country since Monday. "One of them is being checked by a bomb squad", he was quoted by Kompas TV as saying, referring to a suspected bomb strapped to the militant's body.

The police earlier disclosed that 8 militants with a white minivan launched the attacks.

Three of the men were shot and killed by police.

The attack comes days after over two dozen people were killed in a series of terrorist strikes in Indonesia, including suicide bombings by a family of six in three churches on Sunday in the islands second largest city, Surabaya.

All six bombers were killed, including the mother who was Indonesia's first known female suicide bomber.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for both attacks. Gen. Setyo Wasisto said in a press briefing in Jakarta.

The church bombing family were in the same religious study group as the two other families linked to the attacks, police said.

The police said they are hunting for the militants escaping the compound.

They followed a deadly prison riot staged by Islamist prisoners at a high-security jail near Jakarta last week.



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