Amazon's Alexa Voice Assistant comes to Android smartphones

Amazon's Alexa Voice Assistant comes to Android smartphones

San Francisco: With the rising popularity of Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa, HP Inc's new 34-inch curved all-in-one (AiO) PC is expected to come with the built-in digital assistant app. An Alexa Skills Kit comprises tools, application programming interfaces (APIs), code samples and documentation to enable developers to add skills to the 10,000-plus voice recognition capabilities already available on Alexa.

Those of you who really want Alexa to have different voices will be happy with this latest development. Polly uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesise speech that sounds like a human voice.

Amazon now has a number of different voices with different dialects and accents developers can now bundle into their skills, according to the company's website.

Creating engaging skills can pay off: Developers can make money through Alexa skills using in-skill purchasing or Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, the post noted.

Apart from this, Amazon has also introduced Alexa Voice Shortcut Widget, that allows users to have access to Alexa at the tap of an icon.

With Google expanding features in so many of their products it is no surprise to see them beginning to consolidate them all to one location.

"Using Amazon Polly, you can choose a different voice for any utterance by using the Structured Speech Markup Language (SSML) and specifying an Amazon Polly voice using the "voice name" tag", the post stated. We'll select a subset of the skills that apply, and will provide more information to those selected. Chiefly, it's the text-to-speech service which helps create the scripts for Alexa skills.



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