Amazon introduces Kaleido to simplify the use of blockchain for customers


The new blockchain development solution has been created by Amazon and ConsenSys in order to remove some of the barriers to entry that face enterprise organizations seeking to create and implement distributed ledger based solutions - according to Gartner's 2018 CIO Survey, only 1% of all respondents indicated any kind of blockchain adoption within their organizations. He says Consensys which handles over 50 Blockchain projects saw a significant expansion with growing interest in the technology.

Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) is partnering with blockchain incubator ConsenSys to simplify the process of establishing enterprise blockchains, CNBC reports. "We knew we needed to design a platform from the business problems down, since that is where the enduring problems are that companies face in the blockchain space".

The company aims to make the technology onboarding process smoother for enterprise consortium members while simplifying the operation of private blockchain networks. Kaleido is the first SaaS offering that features Ethereum packages- Geth and Quorum. These networks offer all of the benefits of the underlying blockchain technology, while still maintaining the necessary levels of robustness, security, and performance.

Users can quickly change the consensus algorithm to tailor the network to specific requirements ... Kaleido takes the prerequisite of deep blockchain knowledge out of the hands of users. A Charter establishes the objective, membership, and principles of operation for your consortium. "This may be considered the first major link forged in the internet of blockchains".

Figure 2 - Hardened environments come up in seconds with integrated tools, including the option to anchor to mainnet.

Meanwhile, Kaleido is the first enterprise blockchain platform to utilize one of the most reliable smart contract platform in the blockchain industry today. The anchoring will happen automatically at regular checkpoints, so that enterprises get better proof of confirmation over all the transactions.

After Facebook announced its intention last week to go into blockchain technology, Amazon has also opened up that it is partnering with Kaleido, a start-up built on Ethereum blockchain. He said it can also help connecting enterprises' private blockchains to the ethereum network. These connections help reduce the cost of real-world projects that otherwise would require expensive integrations.

The airline is also trialling Amazon's chatbot technology with Amazon Lex, to help automate some customer support requests.

Kaleido is a blockchain business cloud, and enterprise is in its DNA.

The Kaleido blockchain cloud was piloted in a bank in the Philippines. Kaleido is bringing them together in a valuable and meaningful way for enterprises.

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, who's also the founder of ConsenSys, introduced Kaleido during Blockchain Week in NY on May 15, 2018.



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