Accessibility-Focused Xbox One Controller Leaked

How to Gift Xbox One and Microsoft Store PC Games Digitally

Would this controller transform the gaming experiences of someone you know?

Microsoft's digital gifting is really a great feature if you want to gift a game from Microsoft store digitally to any of your friends. But unfortunately, the feature came with a limitation on which game you could gift. You can simply follow the below instructions to be able to gift a game digitally. We shall be patient and wait for Microsoft to officially make an announcement to find out more about it. Now, before you buy it for yourself, you can click on an option that has "Buy as Gift", and then you have to manually type in the e-mail address for the person you would like to receive that gift. Now in the case of Steam, you have to go into the inventory, open the gift and add it to your software library. Instead of going the usual purchasing route, click that instead.

By the end of it, instead of the download starting at your end, they'll be sent a key that they can use to get their brand new game, all thanks to you.

Gift purchasers can only buy two discounted products - and a total of 10 discounted products - every 14 days. You can only gift games to people in the same region as you - no sending games to your cousin overseas. Unfortunately, I've you've been playing games on PC or Xbox One the Microsoft store hasn't all the videogames on the library to be digitally gifted.



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