A what? Police respond to kangaroo on the loose in SC

Rogue Kangaroo Spotted on South Carolina Highway

Curtis Holt spotted the kangaroo while driving and shot video of the animal hopping around near the highway.

"My mom's friend saw it one night and told everyone at a party, they all called him insane", writes Lee Dammon in the comments section of a Facebook post by McCormick County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say it escaped from a nearby animal sanctuary known as Melrose Farms, early Tuesday morning.

The kangaroo is back at the farm and safe.

News of the brief breakout had McCormick County social media pages hopping.

Deputies were called out to hunt for a marsupial on the move Tuesday morning. The Sheriff's office and the owner are aware that.

"I thought dispatch was joking", the responding officer recalls.

For his part, Bussey declined to share information about the kangaroo's origins with an Index-Journal reporter, but said people shouldn't be surprised about such a rare encounter in the rural county.



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