5 ways Google Pay can save you time and money at checkout

5 ways Google Pay can save you time and money at checkout

Having launched the Android app in February, Google Pay has now been made available for the web to allow users to pay directly using their Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser or an iOS device.

Google Pay is expanding, breaking out from Android and arriving in browsers both on the desktop and on iOS. "Google has also added the functionality to sync card details, letting users continue to make payments via Google Pay after moving from an Android device or a Chromebook to a desktop or an iPhone".

The tool combines previous Google services, such as Android Pay and Google Wallet, all aimed at speeding up the checkout process.

As long as you have a credit card attached to Google Pay, it really only takes a couple of taps and little typing to get checked-out. That's changing today, Google says, with the start of a roll out of Google Pay on the web.

Google Pay bundles together previous Google services like Android Pay and Google Wallet, which were created to make online payments on mobile devices faster.

He mention that Chrome users will benefit from autofill that lets Google Pay automatically fill in your billing, shipping, and payment info.

If your bank supports it, then maybe it's time to setup Google Pay if you haven't already. Well, that's assuming they offer Google Pay as a checkout option, which not everyone does just yet.

Mr Capiel said that if users lose their credit card and order a new one it will automatically update with Google Pay.

"If your card is already in Google Pay, your expiration date will update as soon as it's issued-so you can keep on paying without missing a beat", Mr Capiel wrote.



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