Zuckerberg's testimony is over, but scrutiny is just ramping up

An example of what you might see if your data was not shared after following the above steps. Facebook

Facebook also adds targeting categories based on your demographic information, such as whether you might have a child, your birthday and age, what mobile device you use and even your political leanings - whether or not you've explicitly shared any of that on Facebook. He is working on artificial intelligence technology to weed out hate speech and at the same time ensure that they don't block people for the wrong reasons.

Facebook also provides advertisers with a tool called Facebook Pixel, an invisible code that allows both marketers and Facebook to track users' actions.

Facebook on Monday said: "Our goals are to understand Facebook's impact on upcoming elections - like Brazil, India, Mexico and the United States midterms - and to inform our future product and policy decisions". That's the business model.

Colorado Representative Diana DeGette listed out several other infractions and lawsuits Facebook has faced, including its 2011 FTC settlement settlement to protect user privacy, and asked if Facebook has been punished financially for its past mistakes. This is correct, in a pedantic way, as Matsui affirmed.

If and how Facebook plans to implement the portion of Europe's GDPR-a sweeping digital privacy law-that gives users the right to object to the processing of their personal data for marketing purposes in the US.

With questions still swirling about how foreign entities use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spread fake news and sow division, and how these networks handle user data, it's curious Congressional Republicans would spend so much time questioning Zuckerberg about two vloggers.

Whether Facebook will change users' default settings to minimize the collection and use of their data.

"Yes, congresswoman, we run ads", Zuckerberg said.

Just two days back, my friend landed herself in serious trouble after she checked in on Facebook. "But there are also things like, 'how does it affect children, how does the platform create addiction, how does the platform encourage extremism, how does the platform push American values onto other countries?'"

Some of the lawmakers talked to Zuckerberg, 33, as they would their children or grandchildren, and were occasionally befuddled by the complexities of his company.

Rep. Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa) eventually got an answer out of Zuckerberg.

On the topic of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation, Reuters reports that the European Union is now going even further, establishing a Social Media Working Group to take a deeper dive into the harvesting of personal data by Facebook and others.

The app vacuumed up not just the data of the people who took it, but also - thanks to Facebook's loose restrictions - data from their friends, too, including details that they hadn't meant to share publicly. "That's the core thing".

When my colleague Sara Ashley O'Brien downloaded her 14-year Facebook history, she found that Facebook had access to a litany of details from her past, including the phone number of her late grandmother, who never used Facebook, and conversations with an ex whom she had unfriended. And, what, are they going to let sleep win?



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