Woman Who Drove SUV With Family Off Cliff Was Drunk

California Rescuers Find Items Belonging to Missing Family

The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office says that rescue volunteers found a body today that they assume to be a member of the Thottapilly family from Southern California that went missing coming home from OR last week.

On April 8, the relatives in San Jose contacted the police department and officially reported the family missing, telling the authorities that the family had been traveling from Portland. The crash happened just days after authorities in Washington state opened an investigation following allegations the children were being neglected.

Three of their six children, Jeremiah and Abigail, both 14, and 19-year-old Markis, were also found dead in the vehicle.

It is still unclear why the vehicle was driven into the ocean with the family from Washington in late March.

A Kansas mother is upset after her 4-year-old child came home from daycare with several missing teeth.

The married moms had also faced child abuse accusations in Minnesota and OR, where they previously lived with their six children, ages 12 to 19, records show. In fact, reports of abuse and neglect date back to 2008.

During one visit, Devonte said one of his mothers withheld his meal because he didn't put food in a box the way she instructed.

On the second trip, Jennifer Hart and the six children stayed for two weeks without Sarah.

Ms Newman says she was evicted from her social housing in Firgrove Walk - four miles from her mother's home - after she had her youngest child, and her housing benefits were reassessed. Jennifer Hart pulled the girl aside and the child agreed to leave, the report said.

Patricia, whose has six children aged between 13 and one, said the benefit cap made it impossible for her to pay her rent, bills and feed the whole family.

She said that Downs is the fifth grandchild she has lost since 2015, and three of those deaths were caused by gun violence. "The Coroner's Division is still awaiting the BA/Toxicology analysis of the third child that was recovered on March 26".

But what most alarmed Argyropoulos was that Hart repeatedly withheld meals from the children, who appeared constantly hungry.

Though the mysterious seaside auto crash, involving 15-year-old Devonte Hart, his five siblings and his adoptive parents remains under investigation, more details are emerging of the family's troubled history.

Sheriff Tom Allman has described the crash as "a crime".

Lab results on the driver's body found she had a blood-alcohol concentration above the state's legal limit of 0.08 percent, Sgt Powers said.

California Highway Patrol officers and deputy sheriffs from Mendocino and Alameda counties gather after a search for three missing children.


There were no skid marks at the scene, Carpenter said.



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