Warriors Give Update On Steph Curry's Timetable For Return

Uber giving away Warriors swag on Tuesday to select fans riding in Bay Area

Pacers fans, avert your eyes. Danny Green might make an appearance with the lead group at some time during the first round, but expect Pop to use a dual point guard lineup against the Warriors early in games. In last year's Western Conference Finals, the Spurs relied on Aldridge's post footwork and traditional big man moves, but they fell short against the Warriors' defense.

In addition to playing solid team defense, the Spurs committed the fewest fouls in the league at 17.2 per game.

The NBA Playoffs are set to commence on Saturday, April 14.

He can at least depend on James.

Kevin Durant is confident Golden State's struggles down the stretch might be just what makes the defending champions dominant on the postseason stage again. In recent days, as he fielded repeated questions about "turning on the switch" and "stepping up to the challenge", head coach Steve Kerr balanced his optimism with a heavy dose of realism.

Both teams are undermanned going into the series as Golden State will continue to miss the services of two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry while San Antonio is without their best player, former NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, who is still rehabbing his quadriceps injury. "That's what we think is going to happen", Kerr said. And Kerr said he and Spurs staffer and son, Nick, are cutting off communication for a couple of weeks. Casspi has played in 552 games, Cousins 535. They looked more and more like their vintage self. However, the playoffs will be a different animal and whatever weaknesses he may have will be put under the microscope.

A record 62 global players, from a record 33 countries, are headed to the postseason. The loss pushed San Antonio from the No. 5 seed to the No. 7 seed. Canada and Spain both have four. The Spurs (7) are without star Kawhi Leonard, who has missed most of the season. "We're that close. He's my mentor and he's somebody I feel incredibly strongly about in terms of who he is and what he did for me in my life, and what he's doing for my son right now". San Antonio is 11 in rebounding with 44.2 boards a contest while the team is tied for 15 in assists with 22.8 dimes per game.

It's the start of the National Basketball Association playoffs with a first-round Western Conference matchup in the city by the bay.

Playoff teams split payouts from the pool, often toward bonuses for players and staff.

Three seasons ago, Golden State played with the joy that comes with zero outside expectations.

Of the 15 series played in the 2017 postseason, Game 1 winners ultimately won the best-of-seven 12 times. He was shooting 51.6% from the field and 41.9% from behind the arc.

The Warriors have not had a smooth ride in 2018 as they have lost 24 games during the regular season and have shown other teams that they have chinks in their armour which can be exploited with a good game plan.

Curry averaged 31.5 points when the Warriors swept the Spurs 4-0 in the Western Finals last May en route to the championship.

Taking advantage of Jones' failure to get back in transition, Headley, Ricardo Toussaint and Justin Pile all took turns scoring in the open court on an unprotected Lakers ring. That could be a storyline for not just Game 1, but the entire postseason, pending how long the Spurs last.

That game exemplifies what could go wrong for Philadelphia in the playoffs.

The Timberwolves are in the playoffs for the first time since 2004. Despite Houston's success this season, Golden State is still the team to beat.



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