Video surfaces of ABC7 reporter allegedly stealing jacket of Warriors employee

News anchor accused of stealing Warriors security guard's jacket

Video footage reportedly caught the ABC7/KGO-TV anchor swiping the item after a practice last week in San Antonio, while leaving the AT&T Center.

Several Warriors players are reportedly pissed about the way the incident was handled, and think that Shumann was given preferential treatment.

A KGO spokesperson said in a statement that the allegations were being taken "very seriously" and that full investigations were being conducted, USA Today reported. "As a matter of policy, we do not comment about personnel matters".

Shumann, who spent six years in the National Football League as a wide receiver, was on the 49ers for half of his career, including when they won Super Bowl XVI over the Bengals to conclude the 1981 season.

Shumann, a former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver who has been with KGO since 1994, was sent home and later apologized to individual Warriors players.

ESPN later confirmed the report by reviewing the security tape, which has not been released publicly.

Star point guard Stephen Curry personally thanked Walker during his 2016 MVP award speech, calling him "our eyes when we don't have them", the paper reported. The team has an agreement with KGO to provide exclusive interviews with players, those interviews were traditionally conducted by Shumann, and now members of the team have been refusing to conduct more.

'I've seen a lot of you the last three years, ' Curry said, as quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle.



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